Don’t Share These Things With London Escorts Or Your Wife

Leggy Brunette - London Escorts By Pleasure-EscortsA girlfriend, wife or your regular company from London escorts she can be gorgeous, but this doesn’t mean that she has to know everything for you.  What do we mean? That your life in general will become more complicated and your date with this beautiful girl that you booked from London escorts can be turned completely in the wrong way and even ruined. Check out what you should tell her never, ever!

Your Wage Is Your Wage

This is a strong rule, like iron – never break it or you will regret! Never let someone ask you the question how much are you getting paid, no matter if you are taking big, huge or small wage regarding yourself. If the money are good the wife, girlfriend or London escorts will think that she can asks you for anything. She will start thinking that you can afford going out anywhere pay the high bills in any posh restaurant in London or get to enter in the private clubs and get your London escorts there too, no matter that they are private – she is not so smart to figure that out. And on the other side if the money are not very good, the lady from London escorts will have a low opinion of you. Your girlfriend will thing you are not a rich guy and not worth it, the wife will nag you and London escorts will know you are choosing them because you can’t afford a proper girlfriend or an expensive companion. This will not only affect their attitude, but will lower your own self esteem too. London escorts are great girls, but once they find out you are out of money they will just leave and if they know you have too much money they escorts from London will thing you can adapt them.

The number, never tell London escorts the number

Another law of relationships! Never tell the lady with how many girls you have been before meeting her. There is one old joke that the woman lies by dividing the real number by three and the men lies by multiplying it to three. The trick is not just to tell the London escorts some made up number, but not to tell them any number at all. Look at the rule above about the low number but if it is high you will have to deal with one jealous and pouting. There will be problems home if you are married, but if you are meeting London escorts and you tell them with how many women or escorts you have been before, it will make them feel like prostitutes and they are not. There some certain type of London escorts who will thing this is cure and find it motivational to prove you that they are the best of all you companions. But you have to be careful and to make sure they are this type of London escorts before you tell them trying to motivate them.

Don’t give your wife or the London escorts an account.

Cheeky London EscortsWhere were you? Who were you with? When are you coming home? – do you realize that these questions will never stop if you don’t end the opportunity to be asked at the very beginning of your relationship. Explain very slow and once for all that no one and really NO ONE ever keeps you accountable for where you go, what you do and with who. If you succeed there will be freedom and won’t be any more drama. After that you will have the freedom to date as much London escorts as you want. Your wife or girlfriend will net trust you still, but at least she is not going to ask and make drama. You can enjoy the company of London escorts any time of the week, no questions asked. Pleasure Escorts can provide some great ladies to spend quality time with and we provide services in every little corner of the capital. Our London escorts are visiting all areas of the city and even the Home Counties.

Passwords – they are secret and should remain secret.

We know some couples, who don’t have anything against and actually like to have each other’s passwords for Skype, E-mails, Facebooks and so on. And for us this is incredibly stupid. It is not normal to give your wife or your London escorts access to your private life. You may be married or you may be spending some time with London escorts, you may even love them, but you should keep some privacy. Have some freedom, keep you accounts and passwords just for yourself. If she didn’t trust you so much she should be with you on the first place, come on get over it – this is your own private place and that’s it! Keep London escorts out of your other life in general. Don’t let them in your life, that is our professional advice, don’t introduce them to your friends, don’t exchange Facebooks or Skypes or anything. Just remember the name Pleasure Escorts or in a case you don’t have internet somewhere save the phone number under a secret name in your phone and you can always count on us to hook you up with some London escorts of your choice for just £99 per hour.

Never Answer The Question “With which one of my friend would you have sex?”

Sexy Tonned DancerThis is the most tricky, mean, nasty and completely unnecessary question in the world but many women and London escorts continue to ask their boyfriends or partners. The answer that they absolutely don’t want to hear is “With any of them!”.  Which will make her go nuts, of course. If you say one or two names of some more beautiful girls from her friends, this will be bad because , you see, that had meant that you have put some thought on the alternatives, when she was the one that made you think about it and she asked that stupid question. Then later there will be more clichés of that sort – “So she is more beautiful than me?”, “Did I got fat?” and the worst of all “Do you love me, at all?”. All the answers are wrong. A sub-question of this one would be if she finds a website like and asks you, which one of the London escorts would you be with. O, my god. Never answer this one! It will turns out that you have been checking the website before and you want to book London escorts, or maybe she will start thinking you have already been with London escorts. Even if you have, don’t admit it, don’t choose any of the girls and say that she is the best and you would never choose London escorts to substitute her.

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