What not to do on a first date according to East London Escorts

East London Escorts BeautyThe age and how old are you does not matter, there is always a chance that you might have to go on a first date with some lady. And nonetheless that the times are changing there are few classical rules which you, as a man of honour, should always follow. And when it comes to giving advice on first date, who would be more experience and have a better expert opinion that our East London escorts. These ladies have seen it all, they have dated hundreds of men every month, each one of them. East London escorts are having more first dates in a month, than probably you or any other normal men would have for a lifetime.

The gorgeous ladies from East London escorts who are working with Pleasure-Escorts.com sometimes have more than one first date per night. But the benefit of consulting them or listening (reading) to their advices about first dates is that they are observing and that they are on the other side. They are not the man who have tried many things and still doesn’t know what is right and wrong. East London escorts are the girls, women and ladies who can calmly observe and feel the silly mistakes that men are doing while dating for first time.

Advise number one by East London escorts

Don’t talk too much! This might be the most important advice, from all. The lady on your first date will like you if you are mostly listening, no matter what you think about it. Well, if she is asking you questions about you, your job and interests, answer, but short, interesting and brief without talking too much in details.

This, according to East London escorts is a classic mistake by all men. The experienced ladies will tell you – “He is coming on a date, and instead of being interested in me and listening it is all about him”. There is nothing more irritating than a man, who doesn’t shut up on a first date. Guys, you are supposed to be interested in the lady and to try to find everything about her. Use this chance to get to know her better and to know what to do next. And in the meantime remember she has many things to say, she has prepared herself, so let her talk and take all the good points for that.

Advice number two – Be fun!

To be fun and funny most men know this without a hint. According to East London escorts and most of the ladies that you can ask, the sense of humor is the most important for one lady. The trick is not go too far, because East London escorts will tell you stories of men who have learned tens of silly jokes and they tell them all night long making the lady to desire to commit suicide or even worse to kill him. Our advice is to try to keep it down, but to make her laugh as you keep the hot jokes away and don’t say any black jokes either – you know they are not for everyone.

Seriously, don’t keep all the dirty jokes for that occasion. Tell them to your friends when there are no girls around. Hell!!! Tell them to me, I am ready to hear them, but one lady, or any East London escorts are not ready for them. You won’t deliver any pleasure on a first date with silly jokes. I think that there is no need for anyone to tell you this, as I am sure you have felt how badly wrong and braking the event this is.

Advice Number Three – Money.

Beautiful Brunette - Pleasure-EscortsMoney makes the world go round, this is clear and obvious. But it is not the coolest thing to explain to a woman that you meet for a first time how much money you make per month and to demonstrate financial situation. There is no way that this is successful with any normal lady, who is not a gold digger. And the not normal women and gold diggers are not what you need – of course if you count yourself as a decent man.

I know what is your first thought – “East London escorts are exactly that type of women, Gold diggers”. And I will tell you now and forever that you are wrong, again.  East London escorts are getting pay to be your company or any other man, yes they do it for the money and yes, they would date almost anyone for the price of £99 per hour, but that doesn’t make them gold diggers. They are normal workers like anyone and they get payed for what they do, but here is the thin difference between London escorts from any region and the gold diggers. East London escorts know what they are doing and for how much exactly, they are not pretending that they love you and are attracted to you just to get a little bit more cash, or to get a nice dinner/car/house. They are working to buy this themselves.

And of course we have to trust the working ladies that to talk about money sounds cheap and really annoying. And most important, this will get you nowhere on a first date, so just keep this information for yourself and impress the girl with attention, humour and charm. Of course you have to pay the bill, but make it like a real gentleman without even mentioning it and making it behind her attention even. East London escorts are saying that probably the best way to pay the bill on a first date is to wait for the lady to go in the toilet and approach the waiter at the little gap of time. This way you will avoid to talk about money and her polite offer to pay.

Advice Number Four – Make Compliments

Dating Tips By London EscortsGuys don’t forget to make compliments to your date. But East London escorts are suggesting not to use some silly clichés like “You are very Sexy”, “Do you know that you have tremendous eyes?” or “Wow, what legs!”. You have to be moderate in your compliments, just mention that her dress or shoes or earrings are gorgeous, but that is all. Well London escorts would like to receive some more compliments but lighter and less sexual. They are saying that real women like to receive compliments but ones that are specially designed for them, so you will have to pay more attention in her thoughts, achievements, history and design some small compliments – Something like “It seems like you know exactly what you want from life. I like it!”. But still don’t make more than two-three for a first date.

Advice Number Five – Pay the Bill!

You are the man, you have to pay the bill! No discussion about it! The idea to split the bill is incredible silly idea for a first date. East London escorts are saying that you don’t need to pretend to be an amazing gentleman and so on, but paying the bill is your obligation. But if she really, desperately insist on some other plan for paying, agree with her. You shouldn’t show any sort of aggression or even a hint of it on a first date.

And as a conclusion if you have been dating for a while and you still have no success or you are just tired of pretending and playing roles and following rules or you just want a professional girl. You know what to do – call us and we will send you cheap and sexy East London escorts at your address or wherever you want to meet them. And no rules, no pretending. She will do as you wish for just £99 per hour. Just be nice with our ladies and you may get the time of your life.

Sean Paul

Hi guys, I am Sean and I will be keeping you posted about the escorts industry in London. My speciality is adult content writing and I am also very familiar with the city of London too and all the trends here. I will show you how you can get good deals and where to look for them. Also will try to cheer you up with stories and funny articles on sexuality topics and my speciality - London escorts. Writers page.Writers page.

Why men love bikini models so much and how are they in bed ?

Many girls try to get the perfect look like successful models, but most of them fail in this simple thing. Most of the time girls fail to get models like look and appearance because having that look is not cheap at all. Also, if girls wish to look like sexy models, then you may need to invest a lot of efforts as well in it. Here, I am sharing few points that can inform you with some fact explaining why life of models is neither cheaper nor easy in any manner.

Regular exercise:

bikini modelModels need to stay in perfect shape to get more work. They get this perfect shape only with regular exercise at state of art gym and special trainers. High class gym and personal trainers are not available at a cheap price. Also, this regular exercise requires a lot of hard work as well.

Specific diets:

A healthy diet can always lead you to a healthy life and good looks, but you have to understand that healthy diet may not be cheap at all. Many models consume a specific diet suggested by experts. However, none of these things are cheap so that is one more thing that can take girls away from the perfect look.

Costly dresses:

All the models wear so many attractive and sexy dresses in their shoots and these dresses make them to look amazing. But if you will try to buy it then you will realize these dresses are not cheap at all. Also, you may or may not find all those dresses, because many models get their dresses from some designers and that dress can be unique for them.

All the girls that do the modelling need to follow a lot of restriction in their life. They always need to use sunscreen lotions while going out in the sun and mostly they need to avoid that exposure as well. Similarly, many times they use car or taxi even if they are going to a short distance. This is another thing that make lead them to have better look. But if other girls will try to have these things then it will be not cheap for them in terms of cost.

Do men really prefer bikini models ?

bikini fashion modelsResearchers from the university of Glasgow have discovered  that men really do prefer normal-sized women with a few curves to those who are too thin. They find a body like Jessica Alba’s or Cameron Diaz’s more attractive than the bodys of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Still, newspapers, tv shows and internet videos show women with perfect figures, big boobs , ideal faces and real-looking women ask: Do guys really want to date with bikini models? Of course, every man would probably date a bikini model if given the no-strings-attached opportunity. Even though bikini models are taller than average women and have unusually small waists, their figures are not so different from those of young European women today .Most men agree with that statement. I’d also hypothesize that most women would date bikini model once or twice, too.

We all claim that we live in a modern world and most of us fell we all are really modern with our thoughts and behaviour. But I think in a really modern world, all the people should have a choice to live their life and other people should not have negative opinion for others basic nature. Some of us can also claim that we do no poke our nose in others business, which is not true at all. I can say this, because so many topics and subjects are there that are still considered as a taboo in our society and we all like to give our opinion for those topics even if that does not affect us in a direct or indirect manner.

Attraction for hot escorts is not an uncommon feeling among men. Men can have same kind of attraction for gorgeous bikini models as well. If you would carefully notice, then you will find that both of these women can have a lot of similarities in them. These similarities are not only at superficial, but it can have so many behavioral similarities as well. Here, I am going to about some of the common qualities that you can notice in all of them easily.

Perfect figure:

Whether you see beautiful bikini models in some magazine or you see them live, you can always notice their have a perfect figure. This perfect figure could be the identity for many escorts and same could be the case for a lot of gorgeous London escorts as well. If you would notice the figure of escorts, then you would realize they also have the perfect figure. You may not see any kind of extra fat on these beautiful girls, not you would notice any other lacking in them that can affect their look or attraction.


Beautiful skin:

All the sexy escorts can have amazingly beautiful skin that help them get attractive look in revealing dresses. You can notice this quality in all the sexy and gorgeous bikini models as well. They both can have sexy and erotic skin that make them perfectly attractive piece for all the of confidence men. Needless to say, this is not a quality that you may notice in most of the women, but you can certainly notice this quality in bikini models and London escorts without any kind of doubt.

Lots of confidence:

In all the sexy escorts you can see huge amount of confidence and you may notice this same quality in many bikini models also. If they do not have a lot of confidence in them, then it will be almost impossible for them to get success

in either of the career. In modelling field, bikini models need to work in front of thousands of people at unknown locations. If you don’t have unlimited amount of confidence in you, then you can’t even stand up in front of thousands of people and performing in bikini is out of the question. And escorts need to offer their services to clients in an unknown location at unknown time and they can do it only with their confidence.

Dedication for work:

Dedication for work is a quality that can help you have better result in your work. Escorts are always known as the best option for any kind of fun and men do enjoy their company. They can enjoy this company because escorts show a lot of dedication in their work. Similar to these girls, bikini models also share same kind of confidence and dedication for their work. They understand its importance and they always remain dedicated for their work which helps them get success and achievements in their professional life as per their expectation. This dedication for work is another important factor that is common in both of these girls.

Sean Paul

Hi guys, I am Sean and I will be keeping you posted about the escorts industry in London. My speciality is adult content writing and I am also very familiar with the city of London too and all the trends here. I will show you how you can get good deals and where to look for them. Also will try to cheer you up with stories and funny articles on sexuality topics and my speciality - London escorts. Writers page.Writers page.