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Cheap London Escorts - £99 per Hour

Pleasure Escorts is one of the oldest websites about London Escorts and maybe the first one that offers cheap London escorts. We have build this website exactly 10 years ago, when the industry was completely different. Most of the escorts in London were ordered from adverts in newspapers and it was a big bet what girl you will meet when her car is outside your place. Understandingly the picture on the advert is only one and it is just an amazing advert, but not actual London escorts. We and few other companies saw the opportunity to create an online place where you can see all the girls that are working with us and you can choose exactly which one of our London escorts you want to meet. But going online was not enough to attract your attention. We were and still are offering some of the finest ladies in the city as your London escorts. What do you need

  • a naughty brunette with big breasts, we have it; 
  • a party girls to keep you going all night, we have it;
  • blonde and tender angel to softens your senses, we have it;
  • a petite and sweet London escorts, we have it;
  • curvy ladies, here they are;
  • lovely Russian girls, we have it;
  • India escorts, black escorts or Asian escorts, we have that too;

Choose Your London Escort Online

So here we are 10 years after the revolution if you open the old school newspaper and look for London escorts you will probably not find any. There might be few adverts but they are charging by the minute just to call them and I personally think that this is a scam. They just need you to call and to keep you on the line for few minutes to make their profit, they are not interested in sending you any girl at all. Nowadays most of the London escorts are presented online and there are so many agencies on one of the biggest markets in the world - London. But still many of them haven't learned their lesson and show you pictures of models or stolen images but not realistic London escorts and definitely not the girl that will come to your door. For us from Pleasure Escorts it is most important that you don't feel lied or scammed and we are always showing real pictures of real London escorts that if you book, you will meet exactly that very same ladies. If I can't convince you enough please have a look at the Today's Gallery and see yourself. Not only our London escorts have great and professional pictures taken in a studio by professional photographer but they look amazing in person too. All you need to do is pick up you phone and call us, tell us which girl you want to meet and she will be on her way straight away. In maximum 30 minutes you will see her and I am sure you will be impressed. And that is most important to us. But not just impressed but satisfied that this is the girl that you really saw on our website and this is the one of our London escorts you wanted to meet. No lies, no misunderstanding.

Reduced Prices And Cheap Escorts

When the economic crises hit United Kingdom people started to count their change and to pay more attention what they spend and where. People didn't get poor but they just realised that they were paying a lot more than they should for various of services. London escorts used to cost £150 and even more for an hour, but that was never right. So we reduced our prices and our percentage of profits to reflect the reality. The term cheap London escorts started to be more and more popular and had grown in searches in the online space. We optimised our expenses, reduced our profit and shrunk our prices to just £99 per hour for still great ladies and very sexy girls in all areas of London. Here is important to point out that we didn't not make any compromise on the services that we provide just to reduce the price. The reduced price come from optimised expenses and reduced profit. The ladies are still looking great if not even better. But don't believe me, just have a look at the gallery and see for yourself. Cheap London escorts are a great way to have fun in the city at low cost, some would even say that the costs are lower than actually flattering a woman with flowers and presents before she agrees to see go out on a date with you. And then the date, oh my god, you need to impress her with spending. You will need to get her a cab, then an expensive dinner, then expensive drinks, maybe a small present and then a cab home. And the worse about dating a not Cheap London Escorts is that you will have to do that a couple or three times to get to her bedroom. With the cheap price of just £99 per hour you overpass all this and go straight to what you really want to do with one of our London escorts.

The Google Revolution and The London Escorts Industry

There was a time when to be on first page of Google with the keywords London escorts was incredible easy for some agencies. We unfortunately were never one of them. There was a time when you just needed some spammy links and other simple hacks and you would be there. But came a time when Google become much more complicated and all the hackers were thrown away from the first page and then we became more popular with our London escorts. But at that time we were also carried away with the easy hack tricks and the desire to be on first page. There was a time when in Google you could pay for an advert and this would take you on the first page but it was costing a lot and of course it raises the prices of the escorts. At these times we were giving most of our profits for these Google adverts and it was impossible to have the price that we are offering you now - £99 per hour. But then Google decided that terms like "London Escorts", "Cheap London Escorts" and anything that contains the word "escorts", "companionship" and many others are not allowed to be advertised and soon after they banned our website and many more. Since then has disappeared from any search results. Now we have recreated our website and hope that the time and experience, that we have is going to push us on top again. We haven't ever stopped working and providing you the best, sexiest, sweetest and most beautiful London escorts. Now with our new and cheapest price of just £99 per hour, we are getting back on the top and will show you new and even more exciting models that you can choose from. We are keeping the best of our London escorts, but with Pleasure-Escorts will be continuously introducing new and fresh faces that can make the difference in your night out. Give us a chance, and give yourself great experience with choosing one of our London escorts tonight. Actually why just night, we are working all 24/7 now and you can have a nice company any time. All you need to do is to choose your escort and to call us with her name and your details ready.


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Cheap London Escorts

Pleasure Escorts is a renowned London Escorts agency, providing the most beautiful  girls, to give you the most pleasurable experience of your life!

We are an Outcall agency, who send you beautiful ladies to all central London and Home Counties locations, to your home or hotel.

Whatever you’re secret desire,

Pleasure Escorts, the top London agency, has a gorgeous escort girl ready and waiting to fulfil your dreams tonight.

Our lovely companions are all stunning beauties who will charm and enthral. We have the friendliest and most polite ladies that any agency has to offer!

Enjoy the company of our ladies from as little as £99 per hour this makes us the agency providing you with girls at the lowest rates and the best quality. We provide Cheap London Escorts, however it does not reflect on the quality of the service.

Pleasure London Escorts is the name to remember when you’re looking for girls from‘Pleasure by name, Pleasure by nature’!

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